Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why can't losing weight be easy?

Trying to lose weight sucks!!  I was very motivated after Christmas and it lasted until about two weeks ago.  I was working out every morning and logging every calorie on Myfittnesspal app on my phone.  I was hardly eating any junk food and I stopped drinking Diet Dr. Pepper completely.

 I WAS doing all of that for about two months, and then BAM I lost it.  I can't get out of bed until the last minute.  I am eating almost all of what I want, good or bad.  Diet Dr. Pepper is  my best friend again.  Ugghhh!!!  I have lost about 10 pounds in two months which is really great, so it's not like I was hitting a plateau and in a fit of frustration I just gave up.  I don't really know what happened.

 I think it just got old.  I need to find a new way to motivate myself.  Kelsie's wedding will be here before I know it and I will not be happy with my chubby matron of honor pics.  Gaining weight is sooooo easy!  Why can't losing it be easy too?

 I would still like to lose at least 15 pounds before the Wedding.  Anybody have any suggestions?  I will take whatever advice I can get!!

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  1. Get fed up with being where you are and decide you're going to do something about it. It's easy to hit the snooze button. It's easy to get out of the routine of getting up early and pressing play. Seeing you donor and stick with it motivated me to say, I'm tired of where I am and I'm going to do something about it." You can do it. You did it before and you can do it again. Decide. Commit. Succeed.


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