Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Midweek confessions: it's been a long time

-I am already wishing for the time change. I'm ready to put my kids to bed at 7:15 and not feel guilty because it's so light outside still.

-I've been watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix. I know that alone is sort of a confession, but that's not what I'm ashamed of. I'm ashamed of the fact that I hid in the bathroom from my children, with my iPad so I could finish the season one finale in peace.

-Some friends of ours had a sweet baby girl recently and I started feeling really sad that I would never again get to experience all that. It's funny how easily and quickly you forget all the hard things about being pregnant and having a baby. I don't really want to have any more kids, but it still makes me feel sad to know that chapter of my life is over. I'm pretty sure I'll get over it.

-I have a crazy and illogical fear of bugs, especially the ones of a stinging variety. I've never actually been stung by any bee or wasp.

We recently discovered this huge nasty stick bug in Abigail's room. Brent wasn't home so I had no choice but to take care of the situation. I had the hibby gibbys all day after killing this monster.
-This confession post has been typed up and ready to be published for over a month.  I've just been too lazy to link up lately. 

Well that's it for this edition.  Hopefully it won't be months before I link up again. 

Happy Wednesday to ya!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to business

We are back in the swing of things around here. We have completed the first of our 36 weeks of school. All in all it was a pretty good week.

I'm super excited about this year because I'm teaching fifth grade math for the first time. There are so many fun and creative ways you can teach math. I'm really looking forward to this change.

Abigail started 2nd grade. Can you believe I have a 2nd grader? Only 3 more years and I will be teaching her. Yikes!

Another HUGE change this year, Austin started pre-k!! I was a little anxious about how he would act, but so far so good. He had a panic attack over the thunder that started during recess, but other than that he is doing well! He doesn't cry when I leave him, but he does fuss in the afternoon when I don't let him get on a bus. He wants to ride the bus soooo bad.

Jackson is still staying with my mom or Brent during the day. He has been unusually clingy and fussy. I think he misses having the big kids around. He's not used to being by himself.

Brent is starting a new job in two weeks. He'll be working for a contracting company, making more money and getting good experience, but probably having worse hours. Unfortunately when you need money, working long hours is a necessity.

Wow, so it didn't dawn on my how many changes our family is going through right now.  We've been in a spiritual, emotional, and financial rut for the past year or so, that I'm happy for some change. 

Can't wait to see what these changes bring! 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

My big boy is 1!! {Party Pics}

This year has gone by so fast!  It seems like yesterday I was bringing home this little guy

and in a blink of an eye I have this little guy

This is the one cabinet he is allowed to open and play in, literally.

12 month stats

Weight: not sure because we haven't made it to our 12 month check up yet, but I'm guessing 22 or 23 pounds.

Clothes: He's is wearing 12-18 month clothes.  The 18 month are actually starting to look better than 12 month.  This is weird for us because Austin was wearing 18 month clothes at 2.5 years old. 

Eating: For the most part he will eat whatever you put in front of him.  He's starting to dislike some foods he originally liked, for example green beans. We already transitioned him onto whole milk, and it was nothing.  He is down to 2 or 3 6-8 ounce bottles a day.  He usually only takes a bottle right before nap time, before bed time, and in the morning.   We tried putting the milk in a sippy cup but he's not a big fan of that yet.  He does, however, drink his juice from his sippy cup like he's been wandering the desert for a week.

Sleeping: We've had our ups and downs, but right now we are in a definite up.  He is taking one 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon.  We lay him down with a bottle which isn't the best routine, but we do what works for us.  Between 7:30 and 8:00 pm. we lay him down for bed.  He almost never cries anymore.  For a while after starting the cry it out method, he was still waking up at around 2 am for another bottle, but for the past week he's been making it all night.  He's even started playing in his bed when he wakes up, rather than crying right away.  We are crossing our fingers that this continues, as I start back to work this week. 

New Developments: 

***He's been walking since 10 months, but now he is an old pro at it.  He is walking so fast sometimes, it's like he's running.  He is in to everything.  He climbs, and digs, and has quite a temper when he can't have his way.  He loves playing with his big sister and brother.  He still LOVES to dance. 

***One of his newest big developments: We ask him where his nose is and he points to it.  He is getting smart.  He seems to understand a whole lot more than just one month ago. 

***Just this week he has started saying Mama a lot.  He says da da at the drop of a hat.  Most of the words he says consistently start with a b. 

bata = bottle
bye bye
 boo = book
bi = bite
baa = bath

***He is starting to understand where things belong.  He tries to put his sippy cup in the whole on his tray, or on the table.  If I start picking up toys and putting them in the toy box he will do it as well.  If someone spills crackers or goldfish, he will help pick them up and put them back in the bowl.  It's the cutest!!

***If he gets hold of a TV or Wii remote, he points it at the TV and starts pushing buttons.  This doesn't reflect all that well on us, but it's still cute.  He has absolutely no interest in watching TV.  Abigail and Austin were both watching shows like Dora and Backyardigans by 1 year old, but he could care less. 

Birthday Pics
Handsome Birthday Boy

This is his famous cheesy smile!

More Cheese

Audrie, Jack, Abigail, Austin

Opening Presents
We shouldn't have opened this one first.  He wasn't really interested in opening any of the other presents.  Thank goodness he has two older siblings that were more than willing to open the rest for him.

Papa showing him how to ride.

Checking out the new choo choo track.

The funnest part was tearing it apart.

Cake time!!!

He didn't really like the icing on his fingers.

But he got over it.

more cheese


Who needs a fork? This works just fine!

His party was crazy chaotic, but really fun! 

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Alrighty, here is the Wedding post I've been promising.  If you are a new reader, this is my little sister Kelsie's wedding.  It was a lot of work and preparation (not so much on my part) and it turned out practically perfect. 

 This post is a hodge podge of pictures that I took with my phone or stole from other people's facebook pages.  I'll probably post some of the photographers pictures when they are ready, because I know they will be awesome. 

Here comes the bride.....

Ok Kelsie, I know you probably don't like this picture or the next because they are edited and it makes you and Grant look short and squatty. 

 So I will go on the record now saying that they are both tall and thin. 

The next few pictures are of the reception hall decorations.  I'd say Kelsie's country/vintage/chic vision for her reception became reality.  It looks great in there

That is actually the cake pan that my dad constructed from a new trash can lid and a silver bucket.  Those birds were the cake toppers.  I didn't get a picture of the cake.

From the beginning Kelsie and Dad really wanted a donut bar.  It was a big hit.  Those little cinnamon covered donuts could be the death of me.

All the table centerpieces were a different collection of antique looking things. 

The little miniature bride getting her hair done.

The entire wedding party wore chucks.  It was quite comfortable.

Most all of our extended family lives out of state.  So we had quite a crew of visiting cousins. 
Kelsie and the Carpenter boys. (cousins)

Kelsie and the Carpenter girls. (more cousins)

Me and Abigail. 
The only thing I like about this picture is my sweet girl and and my hair.  I ended up the chubby bridesmaid after all. 

two thirds of the handsome men in my life

My favorite picture!

We danced like crazy.  We had an awesome DJ!!  There was even a fog machine!

Mom and Jack-Jack!

He actually didn't attend the wedding.  I knew he wouldn't be quiet or still so he stayed home with my mother-in-law until the reception. 

 I think he won the best dancer of the night award.  He LOVES to dance.  I wish I would have video taped it.  No matter how tired, hungry, sick, or grumpy he will always dance if you turn on some music. 

That's all I've got for now.  It was really a great night!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

bachelorette pary {trying to catch up}

Alright, well I'm going to do my best to catch y'all up in two blog updates.  I started typing up a post about Kelsie's wedding, when I realized I never posted about the bachelorette party.  So here goes....

We had a girls night at my house for the bachelorette/lingerie party.  I had panties hanging on the wall and everything.  Sorry no pictures of that (your welcome Kelsie).  It was a small intimate party, but we had a really fun time.  We played some silly games, ate some yummy snacks, and Kelsie got some nice gifts. 

I didn't take enough pictures as usual. 

the bride

I made these cookies.  I got the idea from pinterest, duh!

I wish I had a picture of Abigail's face when she saw me making these.  At first she thought it was sunglasses.  Thank goodness she didn't ask me why I was making them.

Oh and here is our little stripper!!  LOL

Just kidding :)

I couldn't resist throwing in this pic of my cutie.

He loves his spaghetti!!

 OK, now I can go get started on the Wedding post.  Sheesh this blog updating thing can be quite demanding, thank goodness I enjoy it!!