Thursday, August 2, 2012


Alrighty, here is the Wedding post I've been promising.  If you are a new reader, this is my little sister Kelsie's wedding.  It was a lot of work and preparation (not so much on my part) and it turned out practically perfect. 

 This post is a hodge podge of pictures that I took with my phone or stole from other people's facebook pages.  I'll probably post some of the photographers pictures when they are ready, because I know they will be awesome. 

Here comes the bride.....

Ok Kelsie, I know you probably don't like this picture or the next because they are edited and it makes you and Grant look short and squatty. 

 So I will go on the record now saying that they are both tall and thin. 

The next few pictures are of the reception hall decorations.  I'd say Kelsie's country/vintage/chic vision for her reception became reality.  It looks great in there

That is actually the cake pan that my dad constructed from a new trash can lid and a silver bucket.  Those birds were the cake toppers.  I didn't get a picture of the cake.

From the beginning Kelsie and Dad really wanted a donut bar.  It was a big hit.  Those little cinnamon covered donuts could be the death of me.

All the table centerpieces were a different collection of antique looking things. 

The little miniature bride getting her hair done.

The entire wedding party wore chucks.  It was quite comfortable.

Most all of our extended family lives out of state.  So we had quite a crew of visiting cousins. 
Kelsie and the Carpenter boys. (cousins)

Kelsie and the Carpenter girls. (more cousins)

Me and Abigail. 
The only thing I like about this picture is my sweet girl and and my hair.  I ended up the chubby bridesmaid after all. 

two thirds of the handsome men in my life

My favorite picture!

We danced like crazy.  We had an awesome DJ!!  There was even a fog machine!

Mom and Jack-Jack!

He actually didn't attend the wedding.  I knew he wouldn't be quiet or still so he stayed home with my mother-in-law until the reception. 

 I think he won the best dancer of the night award.  He LOVES to dance.  I wish I would have video taped it.  No matter how tired, hungry, sick, or grumpy he will always dance if you turn on some music. 

That's all I've got for now.  It was really a great night!!

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