Tuesday, March 6, 2012

American Idol Top 13

Did I call it or what?  If you read my previous American Idol post, you would know that all of my top 5 picks made it into the final 13.  Yay!!!

Of course, i am most excited about our hometown American Idol, Josh Ledet!!! 
He was amazing this week.  He didn't even seem nervous or out of his element.  Josh's hometown is very proud and can't wait to see how far he goes. (all the way)

Heejun, the comedian, made it through as well.  He is my next favorite after Josh.  He can definitely entertain.  I loved the fact that he put so much thought into his song, Angels Among Us.  He is funny, but I believe he is taking this competition very seriously.

Easy on the eyes-Philip Phillips also made it through.  I really love the way he sings.  I don't just like him because of his looks. 
Tall Shannon made it through.  I really like her, but I don't know how far she will go.  She is very young. 

Jessica was sick, but still rocked her performance.  She is probably one of  the most talented in the whole group.

I am adding Hollie to my favorites.  I didn't really even remember her, but I thought she did great last night and could really go far in this competition.

I predict these to be in the final 6.  We shall see and of course I will post updates. 


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