Monday, March 12, 2012


Did you know that people looking for drugs use code words to find dealers?  I didn't.  I learned about it first hand. 

One night a couple weeks ago, there was a knock on my door.  I was expecting Kelsie and Grant, so boy was I surprised when I opened the door to a grisly, skinny, bearded man holding a Sonic drink.  I could see his car in my drive way was still running with lights on.  This is how our conversation went: (keep in mind I have a white Yukon)

grisly man: "Oh um I'm looking for a white suburban with a bad transmission."

Me: "Excuse me?" (confused)

grisly man: "Oh um mam I'm driving around and looking for a white suburban with a bad transmission." 

Me: "um not me"

grisly man quickly backing away: "Oh um um I'm sorry this must be the wrong place, I'm just driving around looking for a client with a white suburban with a bad transmission."

He practically ran back to his car while I quickly locked all my doors.

I didn't really know what all this meant at first, but I did think it was all very odd.  Why would a mechanic be driving around neighborhoods in the dark looking for clients?  Why wouldn't a mechanic know the difference between a Yukon and a Suburban? 

When Kelsie and Grant finally did show up I told them all about the strange encounter.  Grant and all of his worldly knowledge knew exactly what that guy was looking for.  He said that people looking for drugs will use code words like "I'm looking for a suburban with a bad transmission" for example, to make sure they are at the right place to find a dealer. 

I was shocked.  I had no idea about this code word thing.  So anybody reading this who lives near me please be warned that someone driving a white suburban is selling drugs.  Spooky!!

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  1. Hmm maybe u should contact The police?


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