Thursday, March 22, 2012

Goodbye Old House

This is my parent's house.  They have lived in this house for almost 16 years.  Since I was in middle school.  I remember it was so exciting moving into a HOUSE.  Before the house, we lived in a fairly small mobile home.  Mom, Dad, and us three kids in a 16 by 80 trailer was a tight squeeze.   I remember feeling rich for the first time when I saw my new room and how big it was, plus I didn't have to share with Kelsie anymore.  It's not a huge fancy house, but in my little kid mind it was enormous and we were rich.  

The house was actually really outdated, even 16 years ago.  It had a 70's look to it, you know yellowish kitchen appliances and linoleum floor.  My parents saw the potential the house had and were ready to make it their home.  For the past 16 years they put blood, sweat, and tears into this house.  There was almost always some major project going on.  In fact, for the past few months my Dad was finally remodeling their master bathroom, which they had been putting off for quite some time.  That project will never be completed. 

My parents received a letter in the mail a few weeks ago from Sasol.  Sasol is an international integrated energy and chemical company.  One of the many chemical plants we have in this area.  Sasol is building it's largest location here in Westlake, Louisiana and they want to do it on my parents property.  They are buying up most of the houses in my parent's neighborhood and tearing everything down to build their new plant. 

My parent's were not thrilled.  In their minds they would live in this house either until they died or couldn't take care of it anymore.  They were done moving.  They loved their house and had absolutely no desire to move.  Not to mention they just had a pool put in their backyard late last summer.  I have actually never had the opportunity to swim in it and they have only used it a few times.  Putting that pool in was a major headache for all involved and now it was all for nothing.  Perfect timing right? 

Sasol has given my parents a good offer on their house and has told them to take whatever they want out of it.  It's all being demolished anyway.  So Brent and  I are actually coming out pretty good from all this.  We are getting mom and dad's french doors, kitchen island, kitchen counter tops, cabinet hardware, shutters, and hutch.  They don't need any of this old stuff because they have already picked out their new house and it's only four years old with all brand new appliances and fixtures in it. 

Their new house is, in one word, AMAZING!!  It is so new and modern, but still feels very comfortable.  They will be able to move in and not have to do a single thing before hand.  The backyard is huge and already fenced in.  The property they are buying is actually on two lots, so there is plenty of space.  The neighborhood is really new so their aren't many houses out there yet.  It is very quiet and peaceful.  I know they are going to be very happy there. 

The closing date is April 30th.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly, because I know that they want to be moved in and settled so they can refocus on Kelsie's wedding.  Yeah, good timing again right?

Things I will miss about the old house:
  • Being able to see the room that was mine for about 7 years of my life and all the memories that pop up when I go in there.
  • The fact that it is literally about 3 minutes from where I live.
  • My parents theater room with a painted on projection screen.
  • Never getting to swim in the brand new pool.

Things I will NOT miss about the old house:
  • The noise from the high traffic road that runs right next to the house.
  • The small driveway where almost every one in the family has backed into someones car.
  • The fact that Dad had to constantly be fixing or updating something, because that's just what you have to do with older homes.
  • The kitchen island, counter tops, and hutch, because they will be in my house now.  I will see them everyday!! lol
  • The cracked tiles, because the foundation was probably shifting. 
  • One particular neighbor.  (only those in the family will understand that one)
  • The bars on the doors and windows.  Sorry Mom! I know they make you feel safe and all, but they are really an eyesore.

So hey, more things that I will not miss than I will miss.  Of course, I don't live there anymore and my attachments to the house are not what they used to be.  I'm sure it will be sad the day they finally move out, but I think it will also be a great new start to the next wonderful chapter in my parents lives.

P.S. Tonight is the night!!  The Hunger Games midnight premiere!!!  Kelsie and I will be in line and waiting at about 7:30.  Don't worry I will document everything and have a nice post about it in the next few days!!


  1. My parents moved out of the house we grew up in after High School. It was so hard!! I still miss it. This is such a sweet post.

  2. One of the biggest things to remember is the kitchen cupboards. Kitchen countertops are nearly always positioned on top of kitchen cupboards or perhaps cupboards. If you are looking to remodel your current units as well, it could be recommended that you pick out your supplies along with resources simultaneously.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I hadn't thought about that. Good to know:)

  3. Hello, leaving an old house is hard to us specially when we had a lot of beautiful memories here. Anyways, as I read your post it seems that I also tried to live in a house like this. This is really such a nice entry. Thank you for sharing.


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