Monday, March 26, 2012

Hunger Games Premiere!!!!

I should probably apologize right now for how ridiculously excited I will sound throughout this entire post. 

For those of you who didn't know, Kelsie and I went to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games last Thursday night.  If you don't know about The Hunger Games, check out my previous post here.   I could hardly keep my eyes open at the work the next day, but it was totally worth it. 

We got to the theatre at 7:00 to check out if the lines were starting.  If they weren't we were going to kill some time walking around the mall.  That didn't work out because when we walked in there was probably about thirty people already in line, so we grabbed our spot.  Yay!! 

(it was quite claustrophobic in that line)

While waiting in line, some girls we know ended up right next to us which was nice and helpful in killing time.  The theatre had a photo booth in the lobby where you could take Hunger Games themed pictures, so of course we had to experience that.  So fun!! Yay!!

The middle shot is my favorite.

Luckily, they let us into the theatre at 8:45 to wait comfortably until 12:01 am.  Thank goodness, because my feet were falling asleep and I am pretty sure the people sitting behind me were tired of looking at my bootie crack hanging out.   I tried to keep it covered, but when you wear jeans and sit on the floor sometimes it's just unavoidable. 

We got in and grabbed our seats to wait out the next 3 hours.  I brought snacks and drinks, a magazine, and a crossword puzzle book.  After an hour we had pretty much run out of stuff to do, but it was fun to watch people and listen to their conversations. 

(all the essentials)

We ended up sitting next to the only two girls in the entire theatre that weren't excited to be there.  They were constantly complaining and making fun of everybody for being excited.  It took all my willpower to keep from asking them why they came.  To top it all off, the girl that was complaining the most was a total arm rest hog.  Her elbow was totally hanging over my side of the seat.  I had to practically lean on Kelsie to keep from rubbing arms with this complainer.  This was the only down side. 

The movie was AWESOME!!!  Of course they had to leave a few minor details out and make a few little changes, but for the most part I can't think of one single complaint.  We loved it.  The only thing that disappointed us, was that it didn't keep going.  I can't wait for the next one to come out. 

I think I might try and go see it again.  I definitely need to reread the last two books before those movies come out.  I read them too fast. I know I've probably forgotten so many details.

The whole experience was so fun!!  My Mom decided she didn't want to go with us and majorly regretted her decision once Kelsie and I left for the theatre.

  Some people might think we are crazy for sitting on the floor for 2 hours and then in a theatre for 3 more hours just to see a movie and I think they might be right, but I wouldn't trade the memories we made and the fun we had for anything. 

Message to my mother:  Kelsie or I will buy your ticket next time and you will not be allowed to make the decision about whether or not you will be going.  You will go and you will love it!

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