Sunday, March 11, 2012

my artists

This past Christmas, Abigail got two really big art kits full of crayons, markers, glue, glitter, stickers, paper, and all kinds of messy artsy things.  In the past month she has really gotten into doing art.  She is painting or drawing something almost every afternoon.
 I love it, because for a long time she didn’t act interested in artsy things at all.  She didn’t really color or draw much until after she turned six and it still wasn’t very often.  I am not very talented in the arts, but my Dad and my sister are so I am holding out hope that one of my kids will get some of those genes. 

Austin, Jackson, and I went to the Dollar Store yesterday while Abigail was at dance.  I had promised Austin I would buy him a new toy after he fell and bumped his head on Sunday.  He had the biggest goose egg on his forehead.  It was a little scary.  Unfortunately I only took a picture with my phone to it’s not too clear.  Of course he was just pitiful all afternoon, so when he asked me to buy him a new toy, I couldn’t say no. 
Anyways, back to the story….
We went to the dollar store and I wanted to get Abigail something too.  I found her some new paint and she loved them.  She thought I was awesome for getting her those paints.  She painted all evening.  Later I thought about how I would so much rather spend my money on paint and art supplies than on silly little plastic toys (like I did Austin). 

 Speaking of a different art form, Jackson is mastering the art of holding his own bottle.  I LOVE IT!  When I am in the middle of cooking supper or household chores, I don’t have to stop and feed him.  Of course we don’t always make him hold his own bottle, but a couple times a day it is a nice break.  He looks like such a big boy. 

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