Friday, March 2, 2012

Bath Time Failure!

I thought I had this really great idea.  I thought wrong.  Let me go back in time a little and explain what led up to this big idea. 

Jackson has always loved taking a bath.  He never screamed or cried during bath time, even as a newborn.  Around six weeks I got tired of using the little baby bathtub.  Jackson liked to move around and he kept sliding down or sliding to the side and bumping his head.  So I started bathing him in the big tub with a tiny bit of water and a towel under him.  He absolutely loved it.  He kicked his feet and splashed and smiled.  It was fun times back then.
(Jackson chillin in his little tub at 1 month old)
Well then around 3 months he started rolling over.  At first he didn’t roll over in the tub, but it didn’t take long for him to figure out he could.  For the past couple of months it’s been like wrestling an alligator to bath him.  He flips over and wiggles around and I was getting soaked.  He was pretty good at keeping his face out of the water, although he would forget sometimes and get a nose full. 
 (Jackson at 4 months in the big tub splashin away)
So my first big idea was to buy one of those bathtub seats.  You know where they sit in like a little ring that attaches to the side of the tub.  That would have worked except that two Wal-Marts and one Target later, I couldn’t fine one.
So last night while my kids were at Church for Awanas, I got my big idea.  I’m starting to sound like Pinky Dinky Doo.  It’s a kid’s show.  Anyways, I thought aha, why not bath him in the kitchen sink.  He’ll be able to sit up better in the sink since it’s smaller, and that way I can wash him easier. 
So I washed out the sink, filled it up about half way.  I got all the bathing supplies –washcloth, soap, and towel.  I was so proud of myself.  I thought I had solved this whole bathing issue. 
I was wrong.
It did not work out as planned.  He wouldn’t sit up straight.  He kept trying to lean back and lay down.  It was just awkward.  When he chews on his toys, he has a tendency to throw his head back and that is exactly what he was doing.  I had to hold on to him the whole time to keep him from knocking himself out on the side of the sink.   He still enjoyed himself, but I didn’t

(Please excuse the dark pictures.  Our kitchen light stopped working.)
I guess I will continue my search for the elusive bathtub seat. 

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