Tuesday, March 13, 2012

hello teeth! goodbye teeth!

Jackson's first tooth just broke through.  I could tell it was really bothering him for the past few days and then all of a sudden I felt the little sharp tooth poking out. As much as I would love to get a picture of it, it ain't happening.  I was hoping it would calm him a little bit, but he is still acting fussy.  Maybe there is another one coming through.

He chews on everything!!!

Abigail is losing all her teeth.  She has lost five all together in just a few months.  She looks so cute with her gaps.  She is a nervous nellie when it comes to pulling them out.  She will not let anyone help her.  This last tooth that just came out was dangling in her mouth for a good three days.  Everyone was offering to help her pull it, but she would clamp her hand over her mouth. 

Finally on Saturday morning I told her if she didn't get it out today that her daddy was going to hold her down while I pulled it out.  That did the trick.  Less than a minute after the threat, that tooth was history.  We do the tooth fairy thing, but we don't make too big of a deal out of it.  All in good fun right?  After she got only one dollar for her first tooth she decided she would save her teeth until she had a bunch so she would get a bunch of dollars all at once.  I say that's pretty smart.  So now she has four teeth saved up in her baggy.  I think she finally plans on putting them under her pillow tonight.

I hope the tooth fairy has four one dollar bills.

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