40 before 40

I was inspired by another blog to make a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  However, I realized that I am way to close to 30 to accomplish everything on my list, so I changed it it 40 things I want to do before I turn 40.  Here is my list.  As I accomplish tasks I will change them to red.

1.  Read through the whole Bible
2.  Lose 60 pounds (after the baby is born, of course)
3.  Try Sushi
4.  Stay at a Bed and Breakfast
5.  Get a professional massage
6.  Go to a concert
7.  Plant a garden
8.  See a Broadway/off-Broadway musical
9.  snow ski
10.  learn to sew
11.  Have a Christmas in Colorado in a cabin
12.  Visit Disney world with the kids
13.  Write a Children's Book
14.  Start a Blog (2011)
15.  inspire someone (I inspired someone to start a blog) Feb. 2012
16.  Weekend Beach trip
17.  Plant a fruit tree
18.  paint a picture
19.  Visit Gabbi and Zoe in North Dakota
20.  Ride a scary roller coaster
21.  Run a 5K
22.  Cook and Host a Thanksgiving Dinner
23.  take a cake decorating class
24.  Take a GIRLS ONLY trip somewhere (Lafayette for Bridesmaid dresses) 4/14/12
25.  Throw a Halloween Costume Party
26.  Eat Fried Green Tomatoes
27.  Meet someone really famous
28.  Pay off all debt
29.  Go on a Road Trip with no specific destination
30.  Ride on a train
31.  Go on another mission trip (I went to Mexico on a mission as a youth)
32.  Go to a Beth Moore Women's Conference
33.  Buy a bicycle 9/18/2012
34.  Play Golf
35.  Tip someone 20 dollars for great service
36.  Learn Sign Language
37.  Take part in a charity walk.
38.  Buy a king size bed
39.  create a 6-9 month emergency fund
40.  Play Bingo at Bingo Hall.