Wednesday, February 27, 2013

good for a laugh

here is the text I got from Brent this morning

Just FYI they were a new pair and I made sure he knows to please bring them home.  I hate spending so much money on underwear, but you get what you pay for.  I'm not losing that $4 dollars.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Guest Post by Mom (Part 1)

The following is the story of my parent's vacation turned bad, written by my mom.  Even more important than the details of those days, are the lessons learned and the people who's everyday outlook on life will be slightly different forever.  

My Story

Well, where do I start?  I guess the beginning would be best for you to see the whole picture.

Rod and I left Thursday around 4 pm from a port in Galveston, so excited about a four day cruise aboard the Triumph.  We were ready for some rest and relaxation.  We had three fun nights and days  just like every other cruise we've been on.

Sunday morning around 5:30 everything changed.

There was a fire in the engine room.  Fires are the most dangerous things to happen on a cruise ship.  We got up, got dressed, grabbed our life jackets and then all of the sudden all the lights went out and the doors began to close.  People then started to panic and run to the muster stations.  I felt strangely calm, not scared, more sad that this might be it.  I thought maybe I was headed home to meet my Heavenly Father, then immediately thought of my kids.  

Did I hug them enough??

Did I tell them I love them enough??

I would miss seeing my grandchildren grow up!

I had no fear, just sadness.

When we got to the muster station, there were so many scared faces around me.  I wanted to help them, but just couldn't seem to get any words out.  After a while the crew informed us that we didn't need to be in the muster station, so we went upstairs.  From this point on things become a bit hazy, but I will tell you what I remember. 

We found out that the fire was contained, but we still had no power.  The boat started leaning to one side, which once again scared people.  The crew on board assured us that it was OK.

People were still pretty calm, thinking everything would be fixed.  There was no running water for showers or toilets.  Eventually the water did return, but only for cold showers.  Still no working toilets.

During breakfast the first day you could tell already that people were worried about food.  The hoarding started.  I guess they thought we would run out of food or that this could be their last meal.  We saw people carrying 3 plates piled so high they had stuff falling off.  Some had 20 boxes of cereal and milk cartons and a plate piled high with fruit and ten slices of bread.  It made me sad to think that people didn't care if everyone on board had enough food, as long as they did.  

The toilet situation was horrible.  They asked us to pee in the showers.  For women that would require climbing in the tub, after your husband, and so I just couldn't do.  We found me a large plastic bucket, normally used for ice, and that became my potty. 

They made us go #2 in plastic bags and then put outside your door for the crew to pick up and dispose of.  How do I explain the smell of thousands of toilets not working?  I just can't.  On top of all that it was very hot and muggy.  There is just no way you can understand unless you were there.

This was the day we were able to hook up with another ships cellular and we reached Jenifer by phone.  I worried about my kids worrying about us.  Those phone calls were so emotional.  To hear her voice, I was so happy!!!

By the end of the day a cold shower was a blessing.  Some people complained, but I loved being able to wash my hair.

The first day, except for food hoarding, everyone was still in good spirits.

However, this was just the beginning...

Stay tuned for the rest of the story. 

Friday, February 22, 2013

weight loss update

So I didn't update last week since I wasn't at school to weigh in.  Let me just tell you it wouldn't have been pretty.  On my home scale, which is usually two pounds less than the school scale, I had gained two pounds. I am blaming it on the stress and worry over my parents being adrift at sea and my stress from having to prepare for a sub for two extra days.

So I guess in a nutshell, all the blame falls on Carnival Cruise Lines!! LOL

So anyways, I weighed in today at school and was 188.4, which is only .2 more than two weeks ago.  I am extremely happy with this.  Next week hopefully I will finally see a 187 or 186.

Yesterday I started Sensa.  You know the stuff you shake on your food and it's supposed to curb your appetite and make you eat less.  I figured I try it and see.  I got a good deal for two months it was only $17.90.  Normally it's about 80 bucks.  I will let you know how it goes of course.

Have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

being consistent = well behaved kids

I distinctly remember as a child, my mom getting a lot of compliments on her kids behavior.  
I mean my mom does have some pretty awesome kids, but being well behaved is not genetic.

I knew that when I had children I wanted to get those same types of compliments, and guess what I do!!!!
Seriously, I'm not trying to brag or anything and I am not a child rearing expert, but I do know a thing or two after having three kids and being such an awesome kid myself. (LOL)

  I also don't want people to think my kids are perfectly well behaved all the time, because I can assure you that they are NOT!

#1 and most important is consistency


You may feel like the bad guy all the time, but if you set a rule or a consequence you MUST follow through!!

Kids are smart, too smart, at a very young age.  They learn quickly what they can get away with and what they can't.  If you don't follow through with a punishment or give in and let them do something they aren't supposed to do, they will quickly figure out that breaking rules have no real consequences.
That is bad, very bad.  

Or if you tell your kids that they cannot get a toy at the store, no matter how much they beg you, DO NOT BUY THEM A TOY!!  

I think all moms know this, but it's not easy.   Many of us will give in, because giving in is much easier in the short term, but will lead to horrible long term consequences.  

We were at the mall one Sunday and Abigail and Austin wanted to sit at the tall table behind us.  They were by themselves, but we were just a table over.  

A lady that we do not know just walked up to us and complimented us for about 5 minutes on their behavior.  She was amazed that they would just sit there and eat so quietly and not get up or get loud.

Luckily, she didn't see Jackson in his stroller, throwing his food and tearing up his styrofoam bowl.  

All three of my kids LOVE Chinese food.  

It feels really good to get compliments, especially from strangers, because making good kids was not easy.  It takes really hard work on the parents part to instill good behavior in a child, but it is 100% worth the results.  

On a completely different note, Jackson got a hold of some fingernail polish and had some fun.

I just laugh and laugh when I look at this picture of him in  his boots and diaper.

Both the boys got way overdue haircuts last week.

Handsome fellas!!

Have a good week.  We are halfway through!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Home Safe and Sound

These are my super awesome parents.  

They just lived through the worst experience of their lives.

My parent's along with my Aunt and Uncle, were passengers on board the Carnival Cruise ship Triumph.

In case you live in a cave, or just don't pay much attention to the news you've probably heard about this cruise line.  

They were adrift in the ocean for 5 days without power, little running water, toilets that were overflowing, an indescribably stench of human waste, very little food and water, no air conditioning or circulation in their rooms, the huge ship listing from side to side, and some just plain crazy people.

I'm not going to tell you their story because I wasn't there, and I can't even begin to imagine what that would have been like.  My mom has agreed to write a guest post for my blog about her experience.  

I'm just thankful they are home now and safe.

 This was the camp they set up using sheets and robe ties.  Pretty nifty if you ask me.
They slept on the deck when the smell, and temperature in the cabins became unbearable.

If this cruise mishap has taught me anything, it's to cherish every minute you have with your family.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

prayers parents are adrift in the gulf

My parents and my aunt and uncle are on a Carnival cruise ship called Triumph.  There was a fire in the engine room and they are now adrift in the ocean.  They are being pulled by tug boat to nearest port in Mexico and will be flown home.  They were supposed to be home today but now probably won't be home till Wednesday or Thursday.

There is very minimal power and running water on board.  They should have enough food and water to make it to the port.

Please pray for their safety and that people on board will stay calm.

You can read the latest by clicking here.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

hello's been a while

I recently realized it's been a long time since my last randomness post.  So here goes...

***2 Days off ***

My parent's left Wednesday to go on a 4 day cruise in the Caribbean.  So that left me without a babysitter for two days last week.  I was totally pumped to get to stay home with my little guy.  

Thursday morning we got up and took the kids to school then came home and relaxed on the couch with a bottle, blanket, and some Yo Gabba Gabba!!


Then I cleaned the house like a crazy person, trying to catch up for the last month and half where cleaning has been non existent in our house.  

Friday, we dropped the kids at school and then went to town to run errands and we were home by 10:15.  It was so nice to be able to get things done during the day for a change.  

***Mardi Gras***

Friday afternoon Jackson and had to go to school to watch Austin in the pre-k and kindergarten Mardi Gras parade.  They had such a blast and came home with a pretty good stash of candy and beads.

***Overtime Pay is Awesome***

We have Monday-Wednesday out of school next week and it will be a nice, much needed break. Too bad Brent is working sooooo much right now.  He is on his last day of two weeks working 6am-6pm.  It's looking like it might continue for a few more weeks too.

On the bright side overtime pay is awesome!!

***needing to losing weight sucks***

You may not have noticed, but I haven't posted about my last weigh in.  I wasn't at school Thursday or Friday, so I weighed on Wednesday and was exactly the same.  

188.4 still

I guess I shouldn't complain since I could have gained, but feel like I'm already  losing a little will power and getting a little lazy.  

Being over weight sucks!!

Alrighty then, I think that's about all the randomness I can come up with for now!!

See ya later alligator!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

a poem

It's funny how there are times where I am sick and tired of my crazy, screaming, whining children, but then they will do something...

Something that makes you forget about all the craziness and make you so grateful that God chose you to be in their lives.

Abigail wrote us a poem the other night and it was one of those little awesome moments that make all the big bad moments disappear. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Biggest loser weigh in 3

Another Friday another weigh in!!

I was actually at a math in service today, so I wasn't at school to participate in the Friday weigh in.

I weighed in yesterday and I was down only a pound.

Current weigh: 188.4

Weight loss so far: 4.6 pounds

I'll take that.  I wouldn't mind losing a little more than just a pound a week, but I will probably have to work out to do that and I just don't have any time right now.  Brent has worked a week of 6am-6pm shifts and has another week to go.

This means I have to get up extra early to bring Jack to my mom's house, which is about 20 minutes away and drive back, another 20 minutes to make it to school on time.  I'm getting up at about 5am and the kids and I are leaving the house by 6:10 every morning.

Needless to say, we are exhausted.

When Brent gets home around 6:30 every evening, I have nothing left to even think about exercising.

Oh well, I guess as long as I'm losing I will be happy.  Even if it's slow.

Alrighty y'all, have a great weekend!!