Friday, February 22, 2013

weight loss update

So I didn't update last week since I wasn't at school to weigh in.  Let me just tell you it wouldn't have been pretty.  On my home scale, which is usually two pounds less than the school scale, I had gained two pounds. I am blaming it on the stress and worry over my parents being adrift at sea and my stress from having to prepare for a sub for two extra days.

So I guess in a nutshell, all the blame falls on Carnival Cruise Lines!! LOL

So anyways, I weighed in today at school and was 188.4, which is only .2 more than two weeks ago.  I am extremely happy with this.  Next week hopefully I will finally see a 187 or 186.

Yesterday I started Sensa.  You know the stuff you shake on your food and it's supposed to curb your appetite and make you eat less.  I figured I try it and see.  I got a good deal for two months it was only $17.90.  Normally it's about 80 bucks.  I will let you know how it goes of course.

Have a great weekend!!!

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