Monday, June 11, 2012

crying it out {night 2 &3}

Night 2:

Brent was feeding Jackson his bed time bottle at 7:15 and he was so tired he fell asleep while eating. Brent put him to bed.

At about 8:10 he cried for about 2 minutes, then fell back to sleep.

Then he slept THROUGH THE NIGHT!!!

He woke up a little on the early side at 6:15.

Night 3:

He had a later than normal nap from 3-4, so we let him stay up later. At around 9:00 he was acting tired so I gave him his bottle and he got pretty drowsy, but never actually fell asleep. I laid him down, fully expecting a crying, screaming meltdown fit, but I got the exact opposite.

He hardly made a peep.

Just a few little fussy sounds and then nothing. Surely he hasn't already figured this out. Isn't this supposed to take at least a week of crying nights. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much. Every night I get the feeling that tonight will be the bad screaming for hours type night.

I feel like I sort of have my evenings back to myself now. I'm praying he continues to adjust easily. I will update you in a week or so and let you how it's going.


  1. Ah great progress! We had a really hard first night too. Our issue wasn't at bedtime, but in the middle of the night. Until 6 months, I was supposed to feed her once during the night because her weight gain was really slow. At her 6 mo checkup, the doctor gave us the go-ahead to stop, but I knew it wouldn't be so simple because she was so used to that extra meal. The first night she cried for an hour and 25 minutes, from 2am to 3:30am!! It.was.terrible. But! That was the only night! Since then it's been smooth sailing (maybe there's been one other night for like 10 minutes, I can't really remember), and I'm so glad we stuck to our guns that first night. Good luck, sounds like you're on the right track!

  2. Im very happy to hear the great update...I too hope that it was just a phase and nothing more;).

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