Friday, June 1, 2012

bridal shower planning mode

I'm in full bridal shower planning mode now that school is out.  In fact the shower things have overtaken our kitchen table and I believe our island will be the next victim. 

So if I'm a little absent for the next few weeks, just know I'm probably working on things for the shower. I thought I would give all my blogging friends a little sneak peek.

 My plan is to fill the vases and mason jars with a variety or wild flowers.

 We won't be eating here for a few weeks.

I'm in love with this floral fabric that I found on clearance.  I really wish they had more of it. I'm using it a sort of color inspiration.  

Well I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek and feel free to throw me some suggestions for cute decor to match this rustic/wildflower theme!!! 

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