Saturday, June 16, 2012

Jackson {10 months}

10 months!! (sorry it's late)

Things have been sooooo busy around here lately.  The kids have all been a little sick/allergies, Kelsie's shower is tomorrow, my grandparents are visiting from Oklahoma, and we finally had a showing on house and we have another one coming up on Monday.  But of course I had to get Jackson's monthly update up and boy do we have something to show you.  Check out the video of my big boy!!!

He's pretty much in 12-18 months clothes now.  He can still squeeze into some 9-12 month, but it's a tight squeeze.  He is weighing a little over 20 pounds.  He's like a little compact wrecking ball.

We started letting him cry it out at night and I'm so happy with how things have been going.  You can read about Night 1 here, and Nights 2-3 here.  Things have continued to go smoothly.  He still cries when we put him down, but it only lasts 10-15 minutes at the most.  He's been sleeping till about 5am and then we usually give him his morning bottle in his bed and he will drink it and fall back to sleep until about 8am.  I am loving this routine.

He's totally over baby food.  He only wants table foods now.  He doesn't really like to be spoon fed at all.  He would rather feed himself.  These are some of his favorite foods right now. 

raviolis (we rinse them off and cut them up)
pasta (any kind)
sandwich meat turkey or ham
grilled cheese
 cinnamon toast
anything you throw on his tray

new skills
Obviously from the video above, he is a walking machine.  He is walking further and further every day.  He can almost cross the entire living room without falling, but he's still pretty wobbly. 

Abigail and Austin were with Brent's mom the other day.  Jackson is too young to spend the night away from home yet so he got left behind.  I noticed he had left the living room and so I went searching for him and I found him playing and talking to himself in Abigail's closet.  He really misses them when they are gone. 

He found this little crawl space between the fridge and wall.  He thinks he's pretty smart when he plays in there.  I think it's too cute!!

I can't believe only 2 months until his first birthday.  I don't want to think about that right now!!

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