Wednesday, June 20, 2012

midweek confessions

You may not have noticed, but I haven't linked up in a few weeks.  I'm back for another edition of confessions!! 

Confession #1
Kelsie's bridal shower is over and I am soooo relieved.  Everything went well, and I enjoyed planning and decorating, but it was stressful at times and overwhelming.   Probably, the fact that I have three kids and one of them is under 1, was really the cause of most of that stress. 

A few pics for you

Confession #2
I've been so obsessed with keeping our house spotless for showings, that I forbid encourage Brent not to cook anything.  He makes such a mess when he cooks.  I'm a little OCD so his version of clean and my version of clean are slightly different. 

Confession #3

I've been eating horribly lately.  Healthy diet and exercise just flew out the window and I don't even remember where or when. 

Confession #4

I would go to the movies to see just about anything.  I recently realized this about myself.  I've always enjoyed going, but I'm pretty sure I would go no matter what the movie if someone invited me.  I just really enjoy the experience.  For the first time in a long time, we left the movies really disappointed with the movie we saw last week, but I still enjoyed it and I'm glad I went. 

Confession #5

I need a break from my kids.

Confession #5

Abigail has turned into a very sarcastic little thing lately and I am totally to blame.  I can be way too sarcastic and so, of course, your kids pick up your worst habits. 

Confession #6

I hate grammar, specifically comma's and apostrophe's.  I'm generally a smart person, but I worry too much about it and I just can't remember, so I've decided to stop caring.  (doubt full)


Confession #7 or #8

Apparently I also don't know how to count.  Yes, people like me teach your children in public school. 


  1. love the banner you did. the vases look pretty too. I may need to steal that idea!!

    ugh, the showings. we did that 5 years ago and it was miserable. I only had E at the time but it was hard to try and keep the house clean. I cannot imagine how hard it is with 3 little ones.

  2. The shower looks great! Bravo on throwing it AND staying sane!

  3. you and me both to Confession #5 (the first one). I need a one way ticket outta here!

  4. I totally get the hubby version of clean vs. my version. Yet another reason my husband doesn't cook. Ever. :)

    Um, that shower looks so cute! Your hard work paid off!

    And I was just thinking today how much I've failed at my "ere" goals. (thought it as I ate three cookies and a brownie.) oooops.


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