Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Midweek Confessions

-I tend to lose my mind and go crazy over small insignificant problems.  If we have some really serious problem, such as emergency surgery or loss of job, I'm cool as a cucumber.  But if Brent loses his wallet or the Internet is malfunctioning, I will go crazy.  I HATE this about myself.  Last week our air conditioner was acting up and wouldn't kick on.  Well, it been getting into the mid 70's around here and I can't sleep in the heat.  I was so mad about the whole situation.  Poor Brent really took the brunt of my seriously crazy bad mood.  Thank goodness he loves me and just puts up with these moments when I lose my mind for a little bit.     

-I really like kid snacks like fruit roll ups, gushers, gold fish, animal crackers.  Thank goodness I have kids now so when I buy these things for myself it doesn't seem weird. 

-Jackson (7months) has already tried quite a few bits of grown up foods.  I know some moms are really strict about not introducing table food until a certain age, which I totally respect.  I have given Jackson tiny mushed up bits of Ritz crackers, a tiny piece of the white middle part of an Oreo (which he loved),  he has licked a sucker, and had some tiny mushed up pieces of a brownie.  I think I worried more about following all the baby rules with my first two babies, thinking I might break them or something, but with Jackson I am much more relaxed.  Of course he is very supervised while trying these things and we do not do any peanut products(in case of allergies) or honey(I can't remember why, but I remember people saying not to give babies honey before a certain age).

-I bought girl scout cookies, even though I am trying to lose way.  Samoas are my fav.

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