Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quiet Weekend

Every other Friday, Abigail and Austin will spend the night with Brent’s mom.  It is such a nice break for me.  I still have Jackson, but two less kids in the house makes for one quiet house. 
This past weekend Brent’s mom took them to Toledo Bend, where her parents live, for the whole weekend.  They had a blast and I had a nice quiet weekend. 
They were packed up and ready to go an hour early!

Friday afternoon when Abigail and Austin were leaving, Kelsie called to ask if she could take Jackson with her to Grant’s house.  She missed him and wanted to spend some time with him.  So I got to go out to eat with Mom and Dad without any kids.  Of course Brent was working like always, so he missed out on the kid free night. 
We ate at my parents’ favorite place, Chili’s.  They have this 2 for $20 deal going on where you get an appetizer and two entrees for twenty bucks.  We got chips and dip.  Mom ordered quesadillas, which I shared with her.  Dad ordered ribs and a side.  All three of us ate for $20 and it was more than enough.  We actually still had three quesadillas left, so one more person probably could have eaten with us. 
I told Brent we are going to Chili’s more often. 
It was a really nice quiet weekend, but of course after too much quiet I always start missing my kiddos.  I was happy to have them home again. 

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