Sunday, March 25, 2012


On Saturday, my Mom took Abigail and Austin to see The Lorax at the theatre.  I decided that Jackson and I would tag along and shop in the mall while they saw the movie.  I had been wanting to add some spring colors to my wardrobe and I am so happy with my purchases. 

These are the capris that I bought.  I love the brightly colored pants that are in style right now.  This is about as bright and daring as I will go. 

I also picked up these new pajamas for Jackson.  He is quickly outgrowing his 6-9 month clothes, so I bought these 9-12 month zipper pajamas at Children's Place.  I LOVE these!!  They have zippers instead of buttons and rubber grips on the bottom of the feet. 

Getting Jackson dressed is like wrestling a bear, so zippers are the best.  Now that he is pulling up on everything the rubber grips help keep him from slipping.  I think Children's Place will be our one stop shop for baby pajamas from now on. 

Good Day of Shopping!

                                      I'm just throwing in this picture because I think it's sweet!!

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