Saturday, March 31, 2012

1st Grade Egg Hunt!!

Abigail's class Easter Egg hunt was Thursday and she had a blast.  I still remember how exciting egg hunts were as a kid..  When I was little we would have a big egg hunt at my Grandparent's house every Easter.  All my cousins on my Dad's side would come and we would hunt those eggs like nobodys business.  I still remember waiting anxiously inside the house with the shade drawn over the sliding glass door, while the grown-ups would hide the eggs. Oh the anticipation!!

Here are a few pics:

Waiting for the hunt to begin!

On your mark, get set....

Lets count them!

 Each kid brought 12 eggs with their name on all of them.

Icecream sundaes after the hunt!! Yum Yum!!

 Abigail and Mrs. Allee
Mrs. Allee is Abigail's substitute teacher while Mrs. Weaver, Abigail's real teacher, is on leave. 
Abigail loves them both so much!!

Playing some egg toss games!

Happy Spring/Easter Break!!

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