Saturday, March 3, 2012

Wii remotes and farmer girls

Believe it or not one of Jackson's favorite teethers is a Wii remote.  We have the rubber covers over the top and he will gnaw and chew on those things like there's no tomorrow.  We (mostly Austin and Brent) love playing our Wii, but I am glad to know we are getting our money's worth out of your forty dollar Wii remotes.  Talk about multi-purpose. 

I was fixing Abigail's hair yesterday and she asked me to do two braids.  Here is the conversation that followed.

Me: Do you want two big braids with all your hair?

Abigail: Yeah two big ones. Not two little ones in the front cause that reminds me of a two year old.

Me: But two big braids doesn't remind you of a two year old?

Abigail: (with a thick country girl accent) No two big braids reminds me of a farmer girl, helping her Uncle Billy milk the cows and take care of the chickens.   

Me: laughing

She really put a lot of thought into her hair that day. 

farmer girl with a snaggletooth
Here are some funny pictures of Abigail and Jackson.  We are working on getting him to sit alone, but he's such a busybody. He won't sit still long enough to get very good at it.
I couldn't get him to smile for anything.
 He looks scared to death in this picture.


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