Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Midweek Confessions


Linking up again for my weekly therapeutic confessions!!
here we go....

-I am really scared to admit this..... I didn't vote for Joshua Ledet last week on American Idol.  In case you didn't know, Joshua Ledet is from my hometown.   People of Westlake, please don't hate me. I didn't do it on purpose.  I was home alone with my three babies and after the show we did baths and I put them to bed, with every intention of voting when I was finished. After an hour of bedtime routine, all three of my kids were in bed and snoozing, so I decided to treat myself to a nice hot bath and by the time I remembered to vote, it was too late.  I promise, promise, promise I will vote tonight many many times.  I can't help but feel it is my fault for Josh being in the bottom six.  I am seriously contemplating taking this off right now... but it's too good of a confession.  Sorry Josh!  Please forgive me Westlake!!!  I might be run out of town!

-I just realized I am  really nervous about commenting on people's blog.  I guess I'm worried about sounding stupid.  I also tend to think that people commenting on other people's blogs are all friends in real life and really don't care what I have to say.  I know that is not true, because people have commented on my blog that I don't know and I LOVED it.  It's an insecurity I need to get over. 

-I am a nervous wreck because my 7 month old son is already doing things like this.
This is scary right?  He is going to have so many bumps and bruises before he turns one.  This is my last baby and I didn't want him to do things so fast.   I might have to invest in a padded room for him.   What can I do to keep my baby a baby? 


  1. What a big boy! My seven-month-old is nowhere near that! (by the way, I just found your blog and hope you're not weirded out that I'm commenting !)

  2. Not weirded out at all!!! I LOVE comments!!!!


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