Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Abigail's g-word and s-word

Every now and then Abigail will ask me if something is a bad word, and most of the time the words she comes up with aren't really that bad.   A few months ago she came and told me that someone at school said the g-word.  Now for the life of me I couldn't think of a bad word that started with a g.  Finally, I just told her to tell me the word and that she wouldn't get in trouble for saying it. 

The g-word is guts. 

I didn't get it at first, but in the context of one kid telling another kid "I hate your guts!", it does sound pretty bad.  I laughed a little, and then I explained to her that guts was not a bad word, but when used in that sentence is not nice. 

A few nights ago she told me that some people say wth, and that it stands for a bad word.  I was shocked, because I am pretty slow figuring out all the little texting abbreviations and only recently figured out, that wth stands for 'what the hell'.  I asked her over and over, who told her about that.  I told her that it was very ugly and I that I didn't want her saying wth.  First she tried to tell me that she just thought of it herself.  After she knew I wasn't buying that, she swears up and down she can can't remember who told her.  After all this dramatic conversation I ask her to tell me what wth stands for.  She says it stands for what the heck. Not as bad as I thought, but still not good.

I guess Abigail figured since we were having a conversation about bad words, she would just go ahead and tell me that kids at school use the s-word.  I couldn't believe it, well actually I can.  I tell her that is a very very bad word and not to say it ever. 

Then it hits me that almost every time I think I know what bad word she is talking about, I am usually wrong.  So I ask her if the s-word, start with the sh sound.  She looks at me like I am crazy and  says no.  Abigail's s-word is stupid.  I always tend to think the worst. 

I hate that she will inevitably be exposed to all the bad words, but I am glad that right now in her 6 year old mind, guts and stupid are about as bad as it gets.


  1. This is Jen, trying to post as anonymous. It doesn't seem to work for anyone.

  2. Wondering why it works for me and no one else!!

  3. Thats cute. I think in The ramona and beezus movie she announces she is going to say a bad word At The dinner table because she is mad and guess what her bad word was....GUTS. Heather


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