Sunday, April 1, 2012

Garage Sale Finds!!

We did the garage sale thing again and these are our finds!

1. We got this push walker for Jackson for $1!

2.  A cute shirt and Justice shorts for Abigail. $1

3.  A uniform dress for Abigail, 50 cents.  Any time I run across uniform clothes Abigail's size or bigger, I almost always buy them.  Such a good deal!

4.  We bought this train set for Austin for $5.  This was probably the best purchase of the day.

He loved it!

5.  We also found this scooter.  Our friends have several of these for their kids and they were a really big hit with Abigail and Austin.  You sit with your feet up and twist the steering wheel and somehow it propels you forward.  I priced them online for about 40 bucks a pop.  I picked this one up for $5.  Score!!

6.  We found a really nice softball bag for Abigail.  It looks brand new! $5

7.  Brent found this tackle box.  I don't know much about tackle boxes for their values, but he seemed to think it was a nice bag for a nice price.  Score for Brent! $5

So that was our Saturday morning!  Not bad, if I do say so myself!
We got all that for $22.50.  I love a good deal!!!

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