Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pinterest Challenge is back!!

I haven't been very good with my goal of doing one pinterest activity a week, so I made up for it during spring break.  I actually did a few pinterest things.  As much as I want to show you all of the things I did, I feel like I should just show one at a time.  This way during those weeks I am too busy lazy, I will still have a pinterest post.  So here goes...

I found this pin and I knew this would be a hit in our house because Abigail, Jackson, and I all love yogurt.  Plus it looked sooooo easy and boy was it.  Pinterest link here

Here's what you need.

-Ziploc bag
-cookie tray
-wax paper
Put the yogurt in a Ziploc and cut the tip like so...

Then just drop onto wax paper and put in freezer

Those misshapen ones are Abigail's.  She had fun helping out.

It only took about an hour for them to freeze.  Then scoop into a bowl and enjoy.

A miracle occurred shortly after we made these.  Austin actually ate somel.  Austin is a picky picky eater.  He never eats yogurt, milk, or cheese.  He won't eat fruits or veggies very well either.  So needless to say I was very very pleased with this pin since it got Austin to eat a diary product.  If you have  picky eater you know how amazing this is. We will definitly be making some more of these.  They would be the perfect summer treat. 

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