Thursday, April 19, 2012

Girls Weekend!!!

You may remember me mentioning before that my sister is getting married this summer.  This weekend we had an appointment in Lafayette to pick our bridesmaids dresses.  She wanted all of our dresses to be different styles.  They all had to be short, satin, and the color mercury, but other than that we were free to pick whatever. 

Me, Mom, Kelsie, and Nicole (sister-in-law) decided to make a fun girls trip out of it.  We left the day before the appointment to do some shopping, eat out at a nice place, stay at a hotel, and just be away from our guys for a night.  It was truly a blast.  Here are some pics!! (excuse the blurry pics from my phone)

This was right before we left.  We were so excited!!

This is my favorite new picture of me and Kelsie!!  We took this in the car!

First stop Burger King for lunch!!

We made it to Lafayette and after we checked in to the hotel we hit the mall for some retail therapy!!

Nicole and Peeta

 Me and Peeta

Here are my favorite purchases of the trip:

I got this purse at a store called Charming Charlies!  It is the best store because it is full of jewelry, purses, accessories, hair things, even shoes and clothes, but it's all divided up in the store by color.  It's awesome!

I got these buy one get one half off at Charlotte Russe.  They are not Toms or Bobs, but look similar.  I got these and a pair of khaki ones for $38 total.  Score!!

 In American Eagle they have these bra brands named Audrey and Abigail.  Nicole and I thought this was soo funny because those are our daughters names, but you might have had to be there.

                             Audrey-my niece's name                            Abigail-my daughter's name

We went to a store called World Market and it was sooo cool.  It had tons of cute indoor and outdoor decor and all the old types of candy, and toys.  Mom picked us all up a Happy Hippo snack.
Kelsie commented that the hippos nose looked like a female body part!  he he!  Can you see it?  Yikes!

                           Tossing coins and making wishes!!!

We visited a Super Target!!  Super Target is awesome!!  I couldn't get over these cool shopping carts they had.  I am easily amused.

On Day 2 we met Grant's sisters, the other bridesmaids, for lunch at Olive Garden before heading over to David's Bridal to try on dresses.  I love some soup, salad, and bread sticks!  Cheap and delicious!!

This is Chelsea, one of Grant's(the groom) three sisters.  I wasn't very good at taking pictures.

We all tried on a couple dresses and this was the one I picked.  It was a bit snug but I wanted some motivation.  Unfortunately when I went to check out, we realized this was not one of the dresses we could get in the mercury color, so I had to pick a different dress.  I liked the new one too, but it wasn't quite as different or snug, which is probably good.  It was also cheaper than the first dress. 

We took this group picture before we knew my dress wasn't going to work.  We didn't take a picture of my real dress, but it's similar to Nicole's style except it has two sleeves. 

Kelsie had a fitting and alterations appointment after this and so we all sat and watched her get pinned up for an hour.  Then sadly we headed home. 

I was happy to see my husband and kids, but sad the weekend was over so quickly.  We are already planning another girls weekend.  I think getting away from your husband and kids is such a needed break for all moms/wives.  I am such a happier and more patient mommy and wife when I come back.  It's true that absence makes the heart grow fonder. 


  1. Ok I am guessing you don't mean Lafayette Indiana which is where I live! That would have been cool if it was!

    1. Nope Louisiana! I didn't realize there were any other Lafayettes? Good to know!

  2. love the dress color! sounds like a fun time away : )

  3. I love the different style bridesmaid dress trend that is going on right now. LOVE IT!

    Can't wait to see your real dress!!


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