Thursday, April 5, 2012

American Idol top 8

I have watched American Idol off and on for the past 10 seasons and I have to say that these season 11 contestants are AMAZING!  Seriously they are all so good.  Of course I have my favorites.  Here is my rundown of the final 8 contestants on American Idol.  I will go from my least favorite to my top pick.

8. DeAndre Brackensick
I'm sorry but he is my least favorite.  I don't deny he is talented, but he just doesn't do it for me.

7. Elise Testone
I like Elise but she is my #7 pick.  This just goes to show how talented this entire group is when I really like my 7th ranking.

6.  Skylar Lane-I love her spitfire country twang.

5. Hollie Cavanagh - I've always loved her, but she is very young.

4. Jessica Sanchez- Probably the best singer on the show, but I feel like she doesn't show much personality.  She is a favorite to win this thing, but for me personally I need more than just a good voice.

3. Colton Dixon-Each week I like him more and more.  I REALLY love how verbal he is about his faith and how glorifying God is his number one priority.  

2.  Phillip Phillips- Such a true artist.  He's only in this because of his love of music.  I love how passionate he is about staying true to the music and not changing who he is for the competition.

1. Joshua Ledet- I might be a tad bit bias, considering he lives in my town, but I really do think he has what it takes to win the whole thing. 

This is by far the most talented group in American Idol history.  It could be any of these final 8 in the finale.  Keep voting for Josh!!!

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