Monday, April 9, 2012

What am I doing !?!?!!

I am so mad I could spit.  Don't you love that expression?  What does it mean anyway?
 I am so mad at myself for being soooo lazy lately.  I was so motivated and lost 15 pounds from January through the middle of March, but for the past few weeks have stalled out and almost completely reverted back to horrible eating and no working out.  It's like I thought 15 pounds was enough!!  IT'S NOT ENOUGH!!  I need some inspiration!!

As of April 9th there are 103 days till Kelsie's wedding and I will not be the chubby bridesmaid, although she was the funniest one in the Bridesmaids movie.  Anyways, I have rededicated myself to going to the gym in the mornings.  I went this morning and I really loved it. 

If you haven't noticed, I can't stick with one workout program for too long.  I get bored easy, so I am going to try this again.  It worked really well for me a couple of years ago when I lost about 35 pounds.  I don't think people realize how important lifting weights and doing resistance type workouts are to losing weight.  Running alone won't really do it.  I don't want to bulk up and get big man muscles, but I wouldn't mind some nice definition in my arms and legs and maybe a 4 pack of abs.   
My weekly workout routine looks something like this:  (I only have 30-40 minutes at the gym.)

Monday: 12 minutes of cardio-18 minutes of arms on resistance machines and free weights

Tuesday: 30 minutes of pure cardio: running/elliptical/bicycle

Wednesday: 12 minutes of cardio-18 minutes of legs on resistance machines and ab work

Thursday: 30 minutes of pure cardio: running/elliptical/bicycle

Friday: 12 minutes of cardio- alternate arms and legs every other week

Saturday: If I have time on Saturdays, I will probably just leave this up to whatever type of mood I am in that day.  Maybe I will do a video at home or go the park for walking or running. 

My plan is to stick with this until school gets out.  Then I might try and do Insanity again.  Maybe it won't hurt my ankles as much and I will have much more time. 

I'm excited about my new plan, but it seems like every time I try to start working out something tries to get in my way.  For example, I cut my hand and get stitches, or Jackson stops sleeping at night, or Abigail starts throwing up at night(this happened today).  I need all the stars and planets aligned so that I can get this weight off and stop worrying about it. 

 I will update you with my progress, which will be phenomenal. (power of positive thinking)

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