Monday, April 23, 2012

Double Feature Tradition

In memory of my Nanny, who died from colon cancer 10 years ago on April 21st, Mom, Kelsie, and I did a double feature. The last time my Mom went to the movies with her Mom, they went to a double feature.

This is my Nanny in 2001. 
It's crazy to think how much all of our lives have changed since she died.  I was a senior in High School and now I'm married with three kids and am in my fifth year of teaching.   We love and miss her.   My favorite memories are of going to garage sales with her.  I still love going and I think of her every time.

 I usually have at least one or two dreams a year with her in them.  My mom is jealous. 

At the movies we saw The Lucky One and Lockout.  They were both really good movies. 

We didn't originally plan to see two movies, so we parked outside of Kohl's in the front of the mall.  When we got out of the movies, which is in the back, the mall was closed.  We had no choice but to start walking through the empty mall parking lots all the way around the entire mall.  It was pretty spooky.  I had 911 dialed in my phone ready to hit send if I had to. 

We got about half way to our car when a security guy pulled over and offered us a ride.  It was crazy, but exciting. 

It might sound silly, but our new tradition will be to go to a double feature every year on April 21st in remembrance of my Nanny. 

Hopefully minus all the parking lot excitement.  I'm linking up today with Finding Beauty in the Ordinary.


  1. I can see the reddish tint in your little ones hair. I'm a teacher too, but 3rd grade.
    I like to think that when things don't go as planned we make the best memories i.e. parking far away and walking through a dark parking lot.

    1. That's what we said while walking in the dark lot--- that this will make a good memory!!


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