Tuesday, April 17, 2012

How to kill some gnats!!

Gnats are horrible little flying creatures and I hate them. 

When we bought a bunch of fruit for my pinterest fruit dip, some of it was left out too long and attracted a bunch of gnats.  My kids are horrible about closing the back door.  Anyway, we had been fighting them for about a week, when I had an idea. 


You can find anything on pinterest.  So I searched for ways to kill gnats and I found this pin.  It's a simple mixture of apple cider, vinegar, and Dawn dish soap.  I didn't have any apple cider, so I used apple juice instead and it works just as well. 

Then you cover the cup or bowl with plastic wrap and put small holes in the top.  The gnats are attracted to the vinegar mixture and then get trapped and drown in the liquid.  I put these out before bed and look what we woke up to. 

I was so proud of myself.  I should be a professional gnat killer!

The following pictures are kind of gross, so look at your own risk!!

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