Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We are under attack!!!!

In a previous post about getting my morning workout back on, I had mention that things always get in my way and keep me from working out.  Well boy was I right!! 

Let me go back in time a little bit and mention a few other family members that have been attacked. 

--My brother and sister-in-law both had the stomach bug during spring break last week.  This is possibly where it originated. 

--Then my sister threw up once and felt sick most of the day last Saturday.  Maybe just the crawfish she ate, but maybe not.

Abigail started throwing up on Monday morning and was sick all day, but was practically back to normal by Tuesday.

Brent came home from work Monday night and started violently throwing up and threw up all night long.  I mean it was bad!!  I thought we were going to have to take him the hospital or something.  He stayed feeling bad and occasionally throwing up all day Tuesday. 

So you can imagine my horror when Tuesday afternoon I walk into the living room and find this!!

Austin does not take a nap and so when he falls asleep at 3:30 in the afternoon, it can only mean one thing.  An hour later he woke up and threw up all over the living room!!

So Brent is still feeling bad at this point, but takes on the responsibility for caring for Austin.  I had to bring Abigail to her first t-ball game.

She did great.  She had two good hits.  She played pitcher for one inning and got all three outs at home plate. 

Jackson always likes to be outside.  He had a good time at the ball field.  My Mom and Dad were also there watching.  We joked about who would be next to fall to this stomach bug. 

I figured I should indulge in some of these, since I might be throwing them up soon anyway.
As we were leaving I told mom that I didn't want to get a text from her in the morning saying she was sick. 

Brent's mom came to see the boys while we were at the game and brought them some phenergan to help stop the vomit.  It worked and knocked them both out.  This what I found when we got home.

Notice the throw up bucket in between them.  Poor guys! 
They both slept out in the living room for the night and no more vomit, thank goodness.

But guess who I got a text from at 6 am.  Mom had been throwing up since 3am.  If you haven't been keeping count, that's 7 people in my family that have been attacked by this nasty stomach bug.  It attacks hard, fast, and without warning!!

Who will be next?  I feel like a ticking time bomb.

 I can't get sick.  We have testing this Thursday and Friday, and next week Monday and Tuesday.  I have to be at school for testing. 

This week officially stinks, figuratively and literally!!  I need to pick up some air fresheners on my way home.  Our house smells like sickness.

PS.  I said I would update you with how my morning workouts have been going.  Well they haven't been going.  Maybe someday I will make it back to the gym.


  1. I feel you!!! About a month ago our office got hit. 7 of us were alternating out with the pukes and ours lasted over 2 days. not. fun. i think we were lucky to only have 7 of us out, our suite holds over 25 offices.

  2. Oh no!! How horrible!

    It's reached our house - my almost four year old was sick all day yesterday - sounds like it's the exact thing you all are going through!

    I'm praying for it to leave!!! For both our sakes!


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