Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I want one, pleeeeeease!!!

On Saturday a friend of mine asked Abigail to play in the Awana Games with her church kids.  We have Awana at our church, but we weren't going to the Awana Games.  Abigail had a blast playing all the fun games.  Even though it was a different church, Abigail still knew all the kids and fit right in. 
Sweet girl ready to play!!

That's my friend's son being silly in the background. 

This was probably the silliest game.  They had to crawl from one side of the square to the other, while the other teams were crawling the opposite directions.  It was mass chaos when they all got to the middle.

Abigail didn't get to practice any games before hand, but she caught right on.

This is the game where you pass the balloon under your legs and then the last person sits on it until it pops.

She  got a patch for her Awana vest and a ribbon. 

As fun as all that was and as happy as I was for Abigail having a good time, this was all I could think about after it was over.

My friend was coaching the kids so she asked me to take pictures and now I'm addicted!!
I need one of these baaaaddd!! 

I mean just look at the poor quality of blurry pictures from my cheap camera. 

I even went home and started pricing, to see how much I needed to save up.  Of course our money situation is almost always bad, so it will most likely never happen, but a girl can dream right. 

Anybody want to loan me about $600?  LOL

I would even settle for a used one if I knew the previous owners.  I hate to spend hundreds of dollars on a used camera to have it fall apart.  My mom said she would just give me money for Christmas instead of gifts and if I could convince Brent to do this too, then maybe I could gather about $300. 

 I guess after two Christmas's I could finally afford one.  I will just have to be patient and not think about all the beautiful pictures I could be taking of my children at t-ball games, and school awards days, and dance recitals right now. 

Patience, Jena, Patience!!


  1. whatever you do don't get a Pentax - stick with a Canon or Nikon - I made the above mistake and now am trying to figure out ways to get a second DSLR.


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