Saturday, April 21, 2012

boys will be boys or sibling rivalry??

Just recently Austin has started getting rough with Jackson.  He will put things on his head, knock him over, try to pick him up and put him on the couch, or pat his back or head too hard.  We are having to watch very closely to make sure Jackson is safe. 

I love both the boys faces here.  This is Jackson's "what the?" look and Austin's eyes half closed is cracking me up because that is so me.  I am always the person with the crazy half closed druggy eyes in pictures. 

Most people would probably go straight to sibling rivalry for the answer to why he is acting this way, but I don't believe Austin is doing any of this to be mean.  My theory is that Jackson is looking older and crawling around and playing, which makes Austin think he can wrestle with him and that he doesn't need to be as gentle.  There might be a tad bit of jealousy or something, but I'm not totally convinced of that.

Jackson is also following Austin around everywhere and playing with his toys, so Austin probably thinks he is just playing.  The big problem here is that every time we fuss or punish Austin for being  rough with Jackson, he doesn't act like it's a big deal.  This is his phrase for everything now:

"Sorry! My Bad!"

It's totally cute and funny when he says it, but he doesn't have any real remorse.  It's more like he knows that what we want him to say and so he says it real quick and silly. 

Then, ten minutes later he will get rough with Jackson all over again. This is a tricky one, because we want them to play together and form that brotherly bond, but I'm tempted to tell Austin to just leave Jackson alone and stop playing with him. 

Hopefully it's just a phase, either that or Jackson is going to be one tough cookie when Austin is finished with him.  

My blue-eyed boy!!

Here's a little video for your viewing pleasure just to give you an idea how loud and  hyper active Austin can be.  Jackson can make some noise too!

Any advice is always welcome!!!


  1. Hey Jena!!

    What are the age differences?

    We are going through kind of the same thing with GT. he seems to get to rough with Vadyn sometimes too. It went from him not paying any attention to her to now he practically wants to wrestle. GT is 110% boy... He gets too rough with me sometimes!!

    I wouldn't worry about it too much, unless you see Austin start to do these things out of anger or purposely tryig to hurt the little guy. I think our boys don't understand that our babies can't really 'defencd' themselves yet.

    Did that make any sense?!? Lol

    1. That makes sense! I hope that's all it is.

      There is a three year difference between them. Austin didn't hardly pay him any attention until just recently too. I think maybe he is testing his boundaries a little bit.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Same age difference here. It's hard at times but then there are moments when they are just so cute one with one another : )

  3. Your little Jackson is such a cutie!


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