Sunday, February 26, 2012

American Idol: Josh Ledet

Can you believe one of the American Idol contestants in the top 24 is from little ole' Westlake, Louisiana. 

Joshua Ledet is a graduate of Westlake High School.  I don't actually know him.  He is quite a bit younger than me, but my sister went to school with him.  She said she can remember him at school, singing all the time.  From what I hear from everyone that knows him, is that he is really a nice guy and an awesome singer, which I now know from watching the show.  My favorite performance of his so far was "Jar of Hearts" in Hollywood.  That was already one of my favorite songs.

 Josh has consistently wowed the judges at every performance. 

Everyone in our small city is super excited and can't wait to vote for Josh next week.  If you don't already have a favorite, please consider voting for Josh Ledet next week.  Your home town is behind you Josh!!! Good luck!!

Ok, that being said I also have to mention my other favorites in the top 24:

Heejun Han: I love his funny, quiet personality.  He cracks me up.

Phillip Phillips: I love the husky tone to his voice.  Plus he's not bad on the eyes, if you know what I mean.

Shannon Magrane:  She is one of the younger ones, but you wouldn't know it by the way she sings.  She sort of has an old fashion sound to her voice.

Jessica Sanchez:  She is also very young, but every time she sings I get the chill bumps on my arms.

Of course my loyalties wll stay with Josh.  These are just my backups!!  Don't forget to vote.  I think the guys sing Tuesday, and the girls are on Wednesday. 

Did you hear they are bringing back one guy that they cut?  Who do you think it is?  I really hope it's not the cowboy!  Whoops was that mean?

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