Friday, February 17, 2012

Am I just chasing rainbows?

One of the main reasons for creating this blog was for me to record my families day to day activities.  I wanted this to literally be like an online journal, and if someone happens to read it and learn something or laugh at something, then that is just an added bonus.  Sometimes I feel like my kids are growing up so fast that I can't catch up.  I know there are already so many cute things from their first few years that I have already forgotten.   Abigail is six years old, and she is always saying the strangest things and so I am going to try and remember to post about them before I forget.  I have a horrible memory!! 

This was yesterday in the car:

Abigail- "Mom, do you remember when I said I wanted to be a cheerleader?"

Me- "Yes"

Abigail- "Well, am I just chasing rainbows, or could that really happen?"

Me- laughing

The silliest girl I know!!!!


  1. She was paying attention in class! Yay! We just asked about that expression this week.

  2. Oh good! I assumed she heard it on tv. Glad to know she is paying attention in class sometimes!!

  3. She is a genius!! - conrad


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