Monday, February 20, 2012

The Crud

Over the past few weeks almost  my whole family has been sick with what I call "the crud".  The crud consists of sore throats, runny noses, congestion, coughing, mucus, and  just overall yuckiness.  The only one not seeming to be affected was Austin.  I was optimistic and thinking he was going to make it through unscathed.  I was wrong.  He ended up getting it the worst out of all us.  He was so pathetic and sounded horrible.  We spent Friday and Saturday of our Mardi -Gras break trying to get him well.  He went to the doctor and was given a cough medicine with codeine and an antibiotic, which he threw up twice. 

Meanwhile a snotty nose Jackson is very fussy in the background.  We aren't sure if Jackson  is fussy from his runny nose or if it's teething.  I hope it's teething.  Austin was 15 months before he got his first tooth.  We were blaming all of Austin's fussiness on teething for at least 9 months before he got his first tooth.  I thought we were going to have to buy some baby dentures for him. 

It wasn't the best start to our long weekend, but it definitely could have been worse.  Everybody seems to be getting over it now.  Let's hope we have had our round of sickness and we can make it through the rest of cold/flu season without any more sickness.

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