Monday, February 27, 2012

Clumsy Smurf, ragamuffin, snaggletooth, Abba Dabba......

(My favorite picture, but kind of deceiving because she looks so serious)

This is Abigail. My sweet first born baby girl.  From the beginning she has been my happy, fun loving girl.  She was always easy to cheer up and for the most part is in a good mood.  I think God gave us her for our first child, because he knew how many mistakes we would make and that she could handle them and bounce right back. 

She is six and half years old now and continues to be a ham.  She really loves attention and making people laugh, sometimes to the point of being annoying.  Probably my favorite things about Abigail would be her tender heart and caring nature.  I think her spiritual gift will be encouraging others.  She always looks for ways to compliment and lift other people up.  In her mind, everyone is her friend and I think she might be right.  Who could not like Abigail? 

Speaking of tender-hearted, a few weekends ago she came out of her room bawling her eyes out.  I thought she was sick or hurt.  She was upset from watching the move "A Little Princess" the remake of the Shirley Temple movie.  If you haven't seen it, there is a little girl who becomes an orphan because they think her father is killed at war, but he really just has amnesia.  It is really emotional toward the end when the father and daughter reunite.  I promise it is age appropriate. 

(This picture perfectly depicts her snack food/candy obsession.)
I also have to brag a little about how smart she is.  She was reading at four years old and  is now at a 2.7 reading level in first grade.  She could do even better in school if she was a little more motivated.  She mostly thinks she's at school to socialize and have a good time with her friends.  She doesn't always take things as serious as I think she should, but maybe that's a good thing.  I took things too serious when I was her age. 

One of the best words to describe her is just plain GOOFY.  We are constantly baffled by the things that come out of her mouth.  A good  recent example would be our Chasing Rainbows conversion.  She says things like this all the time.

She has always been an easy target for nicknames too.  Clumsy smurf is a recent nickname, created by her daddy.  It would be a strange day if she didn't spill something or make some kind of mess by accident.  She just can't help it. 

Ragamuffin is an old nickname, but still applies.  For being such girlie girl princess, she can get dirty and look pretty nasty sometimes. 

Snaggletooth or toothless is a new one.  She recently lost one of her top front teeth and it looks pretty funny. 

Abba or Abba Dabba are also old ones, but we still use them from time to time.  Strangely enough, we have never called her Abby.  I just don't really think she is an Abby.

She will put on an act like she is offended when we use one of these nicknames, but she really thinks it's pretty funny. 

Abigail started dance this year and she loves it.  She is taking Jazz and Ballet and I can already see an improvement in her dancing skills around the house.  We used to crack up at her dramatic crazy dancing, but now it looks pretty good. 

As much as she likes to have a good time and play, she also really likes to be lazy.  She is always telling me she can't wait for Saturday so she can stay in her pajamas all day and be lazy.  Sometimes she has her pj's or comfy clothes on at 4 in the afternoon. 

She and Austin play together really well, but she will drop to his four year old level and fight with him pretty hard.  We are always telling her to act like a six year old, not a four year old.  She hates that. 

She loves, loves, loves her baby brother Jackson.  When I was pregnant we brought Abigail with us to find out the gender of the baby.  When the ultrasound lady announced it was a boy, the first words out of Abigail's mouth where "Awe man".  She really wanted a baby sister, and still does, but that ain't happening. 

She loves Jackson anyway.  She always wants to help with him and hold him, although he is getting too big and active for her to handle.  She almost threw him off her lap once when he spit up on her.

(When Jackson was tiny, she always wanted to lay with him.  I don't know why.)

Abigail's name means "a father's joy", and  joy is definitely what she brings to our lives. 

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