Friday, February 24, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Cleaning Stove Grates!

Don't judge me, but this is how dirty my stove grates were.  I have tried scrubbing them with hot water and dish soap.  I have tried soaking them in water over night.  I have even put them in the dishwasher, but nothing would take off the grease and grime that you can easily see in the picture above.

I found a pin of pinterest that instructed me to put the grate in a ziplock bag with about 1/4 cup of amonia.  This pin said that I would be able to wipe away the dirt and grime easily after about 12 hours of letting the amonia fumes do their thing. 
I was very doubtful, but willing to try anything to get my grates clean. 

Look at what was left in the bag after I took out the grate.  I know, gross. 

Now here is my clean grate.  Those dirty looking spots are actually rust.   Can you believe how easy this is?  I barely had to wipe the grate and all the grease and grime buildup was gone.  Have I mentioned that I love pinterest? 

I also read the instructions on the bottle and mixed a half cup of amonia with a gallon of water to clean my stove top, so that it would be as shiny and clean as the grates.

What cleaning pins have you tried from pinterest? Did they work?

PS. Stay tuned for next weeks pinterest challenge!  I am going to try a couple recipes.

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