Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kelsie's Vintage-country-chic Wedding

My baby sister is getting MARRIED!!!  It is pretty surreal to think about.  I am super excited about it and we all totally love her fiance Grant.  Kelsie and Grant are a great a couple and will have an awesome life together.  I would type some more mushy, tear jerker stuff, but I need to save all that for my speech at the reception. 

We are in major wedding planning mode right now.  Well I haven't actually been much help, having three kids kind of hinders my helping abilities, but I do my best.  I really should be focusing on planning the wedding shower.  I have set the date and time and booked the place.  I've bought a couple little decorative things, but that's about it. 

Her wedding theme is sort of Vintage/Country/Chic.  It's really cute.  Kelsie and my mom have really been DIY-ing almost everything.  We all enjoy making things ourselves, not to mention the money it saves.   I am putting up a few inspirational pictures that Kelsie is using from the website Green Wedding Shoes  for the actual wedding.  She isn't doing the exact same things but similar. 

The bridal shower is in June, so I have time, but I hate waiting till the last minute.  I will probably end up doing the majority of the shopping, planning, and decorating during the three weeks in between school letting out and the shower.  There are, however, a few things I cannot put off.  I have to really get serious about shopping around for invitations.  I need to have the menu planned out and let the other bridesmaids know what I need from them.  It can be quite overwhelming to think about all that I have to do, especially when I feel trapped at home by my three munchkins.  I am bound and determined to fulfill my duties as Matron of Honor to the best of my abilities and galldarnit, throw the best dang bridal shower this side of the Mississippi. 

Whoops, sorry about all that.  I got a little caught up in the country part of the wedding theme.  It's not really country-cowboy, more like countryside country.  Below are some bridal shower inspirational pictures I found from random places.   I am planning on using greys, whites, and yellows in the decor. 

I can't wait until after the wedding so I can post pictures of all the cute stuff we they have been making.   For now you will just have to take my word for it and believe me when I say her bridal shower, wedding, and reception are going to be very cute and different (in a good way).

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