Saturday, February 18, 2012

Jack-Jack 6 months

This is a little late, but I wanted to do a post about 6 month old Jackson.  He is a little over six months old and couldn’t be any sweeter.  I don’t know if it’s because he is my last baby, but I just can’t get enough of his chubby little face. 

I really have so much more patience with him than I did my other two.  It might have to do with the fact that I am older and little wiser (emphasis on little).  With Abigail and Austin I was so ready for them to get older and reach that next milestone.  Jackson is meeting his milestones way too fast.  Here are some things about 6 month old Jackson that I don’t want to forget:

  • Weight: 17 pounds

  • Clothes:  He can still fit into a few 3-6 month things but it’s a tight squeeze.  He really needs 6-9 months now. 

  • Eating:  He is drinking 3-4 six ounce bottles a day.  He started some rice cereal and baby food at 4 months and has done really well.  I think he prefers the real stuff to the bottle.  He has liked just about every fruit and vegetable we have tried so far, except peaches.  Abigail and Austin hated peaches too.  He eats a few tablespoons of rice cereal and some fruit or vegetable two or three times a day.  He has always been a really good eater. 

  • Sleeping:  Not bad, but not great.  He is really hard to rock or sooth to sleep.  He fights it a lot!  He usually takes a 2 hour nap after lunch and a 30 minute- 1 hour nap around 4 or 5.  We do not allow him to take after 5:30.  He will be up until midnight if we do.  Lately he has been going down for bed around 8-8:30 but will wake up an hour later hungry.  After a bottle he will sometimes go right back to sleep, but other times he wants to stay up.  On a good night he will sleep until 2 or 3 am, have a bottle and go back to sleep until 8 or 9 in the morning.  In other words he has no real schedule going on.  Every night is a surprise.  Yay for us!!

  • No teeth yet, but I think we might see one soon.  I hope so!

  • He is army crawling all over the place.  He is the fastest of my three.  Abigail and Austin were both almost 8 months before scooting around.  Jackson can get any where he wants.  We have had to really start baby proofing.  It’s harder this time around because my older two have so many little teeny weenie toys.  We are really trying to teach them to pick all those up off the floor so Jackson won’t choke on them, but their little 6 and 4 year old minds just struggle to remember.

  • He loves loves to watch his brother and sister play silly.  When one of them enters the room, his attention immediately shifts and he will not take his eyes off of them.  He can’t wait to get in on all that rough housing. 

  • Ever since he was born, my mom and I always say he seems older than he is.  The way he looks at things and acts.  He is like wiser than he should be.  It’s hard to explain. 

  • He has had a really snotty and congested nose for about a week.  He HATES having his nose messed with, especially the dreaded nose sucker. 

  • His hair is still red.  I can’t believe it.  I really didn’t expect it stay so red for so long.  I love it.  Aunt Kelsie is always calling him a ginger/or a Weasley baby. 

  • He is very intrigued by my parents’ cat and very scared of it at the same time.  He can’t take his eyes off the cat when it enters the room, but doesn’t really like her. 

  • Last night my mom kept all three of my kids and my brother’s new baby Audrie.  She is only a few weeks old.  Jackson was showing the same intrigue/nervous emotions toward Audrie as he does the cat.  Mom said it was hilarious.  That's Audrie in the pic above. 

  • Everything that gets in Jackson’s hands goes in Jackson’s mouth.  He has had a taste of potato chip crumbs, thanks to Abigail.  He has also had a taste of envelope paper, thanks to me.  Not to mention all the dirty shoes he has had the pleasure of chewing on. 

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