Wednesday, August 1, 2012

bachelorette pary {trying to catch up}

Alright, well I'm going to do my best to catch y'all up in two blog updates.  I started typing up a post about Kelsie's wedding, when I realized I never posted about the bachelorette party.  So here goes....

We had a girls night at my house for the bachelorette/lingerie party.  I had panties hanging on the wall and everything.  Sorry no pictures of that (your welcome Kelsie).  It was a small intimate party, but we had a really fun time.  We played some silly games, ate some yummy snacks, and Kelsie got some nice gifts. 

I didn't take enough pictures as usual. 

the bride

I made these cookies.  I got the idea from pinterest, duh!

I wish I had a picture of Abigail's face when she saw me making these.  At first she thought it was sunglasses.  Thank goodness she didn't ask me why I was making them.

Oh and here is our little stripper!!  LOL

Just kidding :)

I couldn't resist throwing in this pic of my cutie.

He loves his spaghetti!!

 OK, now I can go get started on the Wedding post.  Sheesh this blog updating thing can be quite demanding, thank goodness I enjoy it!!

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