Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Midweek confessions: it's been a long time

-I am already wishing for the time change. I'm ready to put my kids to bed at 7:15 and not feel guilty because it's so light outside still.

-I've been watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix. I know that alone is sort of a confession, but that's not what I'm ashamed of. I'm ashamed of the fact that I hid in the bathroom from my children, with my iPad so I could finish the season one finale in peace.

-Some friends of ours had a sweet baby girl recently and I started feeling really sad that I would never again get to experience all that. It's funny how easily and quickly you forget all the hard things about being pregnant and having a baby. I don't really want to have any more kids, but it still makes me feel sad to know that chapter of my life is over. I'm pretty sure I'll get over it.

-I have a crazy and illogical fear of bugs, especially the ones of a stinging variety. I've never actually been stung by any bee or wasp.

We recently discovered this huge nasty stick bug in Abigail's room. Brent wasn't home so I had no choice but to take care of the situation. I had the hibby gibbys all day after killing this monster.
-This confession post has been typed up and ready to be published for over a month.  I've just been too lazy to link up lately. 

Well that's it for this edition.  Hopefully it won't be months before I link up again. 

Happy Wednesday to ya!

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  1. I hate bugs!
    ha! loved Dawson's Creek when it was on.


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