Monday, May 14, 2012

{weekend recap}

Three reasons I love being a mommy!!

We had a fun laid back Mothers Day. 

My first gift of the day was spit up on the side of my face that slithered down into my ear and stuck in my hair.  Jackson must really love me!!

Then Abigail and Brent made me a heart pancake, which I didn't take a picture of. Bad Blogger!!

After church we ate barbecue and the kids went swimming at my parents house. 

I think my children might be part fish.  They swam all afternoon, only coming out for short breaks to eat something and warm up.  The water was a chilly 75ish degrees.  My Dad braved the cold water for a few minutes. He was the only adult brave enough to jump in.   

Mom taking a picture of me, taking a picture of her.

I was trying to get a cute shot of me and Jackson, but he wouldn't look at the camera.

Attempt number 2=fail

This will have to do!!  Besides the spit up in the ear, Jackson's other gift to me was the 2.5 hour nap he took after lunch.  It was a nice break!

Mothers  Day Gifts!!

Mom and I ended our Mother's Day with a visit to the movie theatre.  We saw Safe with Jason Stathom.  It was really good.  It looked a lot like all of his other movies, but it was different and very enjoyable. 

It was truly a great day spent with my kiddos and my mother. 


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  1. your little Jackson has hair just like my little Luke! (and how funny, we LOVE the name Jackson but couldn't name our kid after the crazied painter Jackson Pollock!)


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