Tuesday, May 22, 2012

things I greatly dislike

I almost titled this things I HATE!  However, I don't really like using the word hate.  It sounds so negative.  Anyway, so here we go with things I greatly dislike...

It just never ends!!!  I empty the dirty clothes hampers and the next day they seem to be magically filled up again.  I fold four baskets of clean clothes, then put them away and it seems like the next day the laundry room in overflowing with freshly dried clothes to be folded.

I just never ends!!  Can someone go MAD from laundry overload?

I am a true believer in things being fair.  Especially when it comes to my own kids, and my students at school.  I don't really like it when people play favorites or give special treatment, unless it's to me.   I know things can't always be perfectly even steven, but I think we should strive to make things as fair as possible. 

We have a lot of debt. 
Debt sucks!

 I know it's our own fault, but I still hate it.  Sometimes, I'm not sure we will ever get out from underneath our debt, at least not until we are old wrinkly people.

**junk mail**
Junk mail should be outlawed. 
75% of what I pull out of the mailbox is immediately thrown in the garbage!

**talking on the phone**
I always sound awkward on the phone.  Unless I'm talking to my husband, mother, or sister, I suddenly forget how to communicate with other humans.  I either stammer through the conversation, or say something completely ridiculous that makes no sense.  I also have no idea how to end a conversation with some one on the phone.
 Do you just say a quick "goodbye", or "see ya", or "talk to you later" or "have a good day"? 

When we moved I had to call all the credit card company's, banks, and utility companies to change our address.  It was like torture to me!!

Thank God for texting and e-mail!

**washing bottles**
I don't mind doing dishes, but washing bottles is the pits.  I'm dreaming about the day when we are bottle free.  It will be heaven!
So nice to come home to this after a hard day at work!!!!!
What are some things you greatly dislike?

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  1. Lately I am so overwhelmed by laundry that it's making me nuts. I guess having two kids means having a laundry mountain that will never end! Also, I really hate talking on the phone too. I'm always texting for the littlest thing, just to avoid having to call people!


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