Tuesday, May 1, 2012

giveaway and {more randomness}

Over at Blue Eyed Bride today she is talking about Baby Orajel Natural teething tablets and hosting a giveaway.  I used teething tablets with my  first two babies, but I haven't had to use them with Jackson yet.  It is nice to know that they are belladonna-free, benzocaine-free, dye-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free. Baby Orajel Naturals Teething Tablets is the first and only homeopathic offering from the #1 teething brand, Baby Orajel.

She is also talking about some of her favorite mommy moments and how her two babies ended up so different.  One of my favorite Mommy moments are when I would pick them up from my Mom's in the in the afternoon and they would get excited and happy to see me. 

 For so long babies don't really seem to notice when you leave them or when you return, but then all of sudden they will crawl over to you and seem so excited when you return and I just love that. 

Now here is a bunch of randomness for you:

In case you can't read the note it says: Dear Mom I toke 1 Brown cookie and a Bag of chips Love AF

I had to share this sweet little note that Abigail left in my classroom last week.  She came in and got a fudge round and a bag of chips.  I guess she felt she needed to let me know. 

I'm not sure why, but I love how she signs her notes and letters with her initials.  She is totally cooler than I was at her age. 

Jackson is almost 9 months old and I don't think I can put off the hair cut for another 3 months.

Yes I cleaned his ears after this.  He has the waxiest ears in town!! 

  I was going to wait until he turned one, but look how shaggy he looks.  He made it longer than Austin.  Austin was born with enough hair to mohawk.  We had to cut it at three months. 

He's still handsome!!

Oh and I've been feeling a little guilty about the fact that I hardly ever post about Austin.  People reading my blog might think I only have two kids.  Poor middle child!  So I here are a few cute things Austin has been saying and doing lately.

"Cheese Me"--means take my picture.  Yesterday I had to cheese the scrape on his elbow.

"I told ya"--- He's been saying this a lot, but he doesn't really use it correctly.  He just randomly throws it into a conversation. 

Lastly, he is in love with his Meme's puppies.  He plays with them for hours and is always begging to go to Meme's house.  I wish I had my camera this weekend to get a picture of him carrying two puppies, one under each arm.  It was precious. 

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