Friday, May 11, 2012

High Five For Friday

I'm linking up again to give out some High Fives!!


1.  High Five to our hometown American Idol top 3 contestant Joshua Ledet.  It has been really exciting around here. There will be a parade and a concert this weekend for him.  Look out Westlake, it's gonna be crazy!!

2.  High Five for Jackson doing so well during his first hair cut.  He is nine months old and sat on my lap very patiently until about the last minute.  I should probably give the sucker he gnawed on while having his hair cut a little credit as well. 



How handsome is he?!

3.  High five for these yummy Pretzel Pieces.  I used to buy these in the big bags and munch on them all day long.  I haven't been able to find them in a while, so imagine my happiness when I came across these in the checkout line of our local grocery store.  Of course I had to buy a bag!  They were just as good as I remember!

4. High five for Taco Bell.  We went to Taco Bell last night and I forget how yummy and cheap it is to eat there.  Abigail loves the cheesy potatoes. 

Jackson had some cheesy potatoes too.  He loved them, which doesn't surprise us. 

5. My last High Five goes to early Mother's Day presents.  Yesterday, we went to Shoe Department and I picked out my badly needed new running shoes.  Aren't they super cute? 

I actually went running in the dark last night because I couldn't wait to try them out. 

So that's it for my High Fives this week! 
Have a good weekend!  I know I will!


  1. aww love the big boy haircut!

    happy mother's day Jena!

  2. LOVE the new shoes! and i love the "High Five for Friday" posts. I may start doing those because they can bring a more positive outlook to my blog. I feel like my "midweek confessions" are too doom and gloom sometimes!


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