Thursday, May 3, 2012

the last thing thursdays

I'm linking up today with The Life of the Wife for The Last Thing Thursday!  This is my first time linking up and I'm super pumped about it. 
The Life of the Wife

Here I go with the last thing I.....


It's teacher appreciation week at school this week.  This is what the PTO fed us today.  I think I hurt myself on it!

You know these awesome insulated cups that are all the rage right now.  My straw broke and I searched and searched for a place to buy new straws for it.  I thought it was hopeless, until I happened across a pack of four at Family Dollar, of all places.  They even had the little rubber stopper that keeps the straw from falling or being pulled out of the cup.  I was much too excited about this purchase.  Oh did I mention they were four for $1.  Score!!!!

Stressed  over

Making the decision to sell our house was a tough one, but we are trying to give all the worry and stress over to God.  We know he is in control of all things. 

Was excited about

Summer Vacation is approximately three weeks away.  I am excited about this all the time!

Laughed at

The fact that this little guy has started saying dada, and that Brent actually thinks Jackson knows what it means.  The first time he said dada he was in the bathroom with me, so I'm pretty sure he has know idea what he's saying. 

This was fun.  I might have to do it more often!!


  1. SO exciting that your little man is "talking"! :-) He's a cutie!

    As for selling your house...we just went through the same process...thankfully it sold within a month! Prayers yours sells quickly and everything goes smoothly!

    Glad you decided to link up this week! It is a lot of fun!


  2. Ok I think we were meant to be bloggy besties! We are both teachers (or at least I was before baby) and our names our both Jenna & Jena (close enough right!?) HAHA! Thanks for linking up sweet girl! YAY for your first link-up!!

  3. I've never seen this link up before. I'm always looking for ways to spark the creativity on my blog. Your baby is adorable and I'm glad you were spoiled for teacher appreciation week


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