Thursday, May 17, 2012

Last Thing Thursday

Thank goodness for link ups, otherwise I would be out of post ideas!! 
The Life of the Wife

The last thing I....

laughed at

This video is old and maybe you've already seen it, but I cracked up watching it.  If you're a mother you must watch.

Mommy Rhapsody

felt motivated by
I stumbled across this blog called bouffe e bambini and read about her weight loss journey.  It's incredible and very inspiring.

took a picture of
Abigail at her 1st grade awards day.

felt like a jerk about
I really wanted to write about the last thing I did for someone else, but I couldn't think of anything.  Besides all the things I do for my kids and husband, I couldn't come up with something I felt worthy enough to write about.  It's sort of an eye-opener for me.  I really want to have more of a servants heart.   I think I will make myself a goal to do something for some one else(not kids/husband) at least once a week. 

did for exercise
Last night I got in a 25 minute run.  It felt really good.  I can feel myself getting stronger.  I can run for longer periods of time before feeling winded.  I also love that Austin, my 4 year old, likes to run or ride his bike along side me.  I feel like I am doing my part in encouraging healthy exercise in my kids when they see me running. 

I'll just pretend like I didn't let him eat 2 bags of chips and a hershey bar after our run. 

Happy Thursday!!!


  1. Such a cute pic of her!! Yay for 1st grade awards! And good for you for running for 25 minutes. I canNOT do that!! :)

    Thanks for linking up AGAIN! LUV YA!

  2. Love ur blog super cute how u have little things for different days of the week lol Good job on ur run!!

  3. Don't feel like a jerk - serving your family first is most important.

  4. Sitting here staring at my big prego belly, I can't imagine running 25 minutes right now, so you should give yourself a big ol pat on the back! That's awesome!! I love that your son loves to go with you, too.

    I agree with you! The best way to teach healthy habits to our kids is by modeling them. SO hard, though!

    I ran across that same blog, too, not too long ago, and yes, it's SO inspiring!


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