Wednesday, May 16, 2012


OK, the countdown is official on! 

31 days until Kelsie's Bridal Shower!!


Matron of Honor needs to get her butt in gear.

65 days until Kelsie and Grant say "I Do"


Well now that school is coming to end, hopefully we can get organized enough to pull this thing off.

These are a few of my favorite engagement shots. 
Pictures taken by Grey Area Photography (aka really cool people)

poop faces!! hehehe

Aren't those pictures AWE-MAZING!!! 

Thanks Jessica and Russ (aka really cool people)!!

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  1. matron of honor? what an honor! I'm in my big sis' wedding party this July and all I can say is thank gawd for overpriced but LONG bridesmaid dresses. Those engagement photos are amazing - the canoe = perfection. I want that sorta feel for our upcoming family camping shoot. xo


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